About Me.

My name is Lorraine.

I am qualified at V.T.C.T. Level 3 and have an IFR diploma in Reflexology.

M.I.C.H.T. (Member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists)

I.F.R. (International Federation of Reflexologists)

I.I.H.H.T. (International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapists)

I have been a care worker in the community, a receptionist, a courtesy driver, craft assistant, catering assistant and a perpetual student at Thanet college. My biggest love is horses (NVQ in horse care at Thanet college). An all animal lover and keen gardener. I now study at home, still learning and enhancing my knowledge in Holistic Therapies and other things that take my interest.

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in natural remedies, and be it for 'the common cold' or 'aches and sprains', I have looked towards all natural and 'age old' remedies.

Also I am a great believer in Bach flower remedies and have given these remedies to my children, animals and plants.

I love to give and this is the reason behind my studies to become qualified, to holistically give help, with pain relief, comfort and advice.

Homr Page

Having qualified in Reflexology I looked to expand and add other Therapies that would enhance Reflexology, I decided to study Swedish Body Massage and Indian Head Massage followed by Aromatherapy (which I think is a really fantastic Therapy). Also I am enrolled in a Trigger Point Therapy course (Dec. 2010) which will complement my qualifications and be of great benefit should you decide to have this pain relieving treatment.

I have Full liability Insurance cover and hold an Appointed Person 1st aid certificate.

"It hath oft appeared, while I have been soothing a patient, as if there were some strange property in my hands to pull and draw away from the afflicted parts, aches and diverse impurities, by laying my hands upon the place and by extending fingers towards it". Hippocrates.