Swedish body massage.

SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE can be attributed to an age-old technique that China, India, France and Sweden, along with the Romans, Greeks and Arabs have all used since 5000 bc - the laying on of hands and rubbing with oils to relieve tension in muscles.
We all have Hippocrates to look up to as he was a highly regarded Physician and is still revered even to this day .

Massage is an extremely popular treatment and is carried out in many countries throughout the world. It has been defined as the 'manipulations of soft body tissues for therapeutic purposes'.

Holding or rubbing a part of the body that is causing discomfort is instinctive for humans. Massage can help many ailments because of its strong relaxing effect, as relaxation helps release tension that holds blocked energy.

Always applied in an upward direction, towards the heart. It warms the muscles, eases out the knots and will oxygenate the blood, it aid's the circulation and helps alleviate many physical symptoms associated with stress. It leaves you feeling extremely relaxed.


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There are numerous benefits to having Massage and these are both physical and emotional.

Swedish Massage